We are renting out houses and apartments in different sizes. We can get you a accommondation for 1-10 people depending on your demand.  
We rent out own and others' properties and make renting and renting out easy.
We have the most properties in the middle of Sweden some of them is in Stockholm, Gävle and Sälen. Our properties have a good location to fit the workinglife and time for spare time. Even If you are looking for a accommondation in the south or north of Sweden, we can find a accommondation thats suits you and the company.
You can give us a request on accommondation and then we will fix the rest with our contacts. To contact us you can click on contact us and fill in the form. When we have found a accommondation that suits your request we will fulfill a contract with you and then you can move in to the  accommondation.